Walking from Blvd 271


We have moved further West. The clinic is much nicer and has several advantages


It is harder to find.

It is close to the Pagoda Kosar area.
This is on the other side (W) of the busy and difficult to cross Blvd 271
Blvd has traffic barriers and is frustrating to find a place to cross
Go to Kosar Market: many tuk tuks will know this but not all
At the end of this very busy street, you see the large Pagoda Kosar compound
Turn left and past a large school on your right and a Physio center on your left
At the first turn right, go around the school and up a long block with a Sokimex yellow/orange petrol station
Turn left past Suki  7s sign on right and  Orange Bees home on your left.
At a green petrol station, turn right on 41 BT. There is a little key stand on the left
There is a bend in the road to the left with a show shop on the right followed by a large blue gate.
After bearing left on the bend, there is a row of very green trees. That is our wall.
 You arrive at a T junction with a Beauty salon and Café With  on your right
We are on the corner to your left.


Do not take a taxi from the airport…. You have no chance of finding us

There are two 53 BT roads. We are on the west one.

I think it is faster and easier to walk from the Pagoda or street 271 than risk a lost tuk tuk.












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