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CWF also develops closer partnerships with a small number of carefully chosen institutions, schools and orphanages to set-up on-site dental care facilities to cater for their own children and often those of the neighborhood community. We then provide our expertise as well as some of our staff and volunteers whereas fully serviced premises, dental chair(s) and the treatment costs are sponsored by the institutions. Our aim is to bring these “off-site” clinics to a full degree of autonomy within 6 to 12 months, with our partners taking over the recruitment of the local staff and the volunteers as well.

Offering opportunities
Our dynamic and qualified resident dental staff comes from some of the many orphanages CWF work with. Although child dentistry for the poor was and will always be our primary mission, we realised over the years that we brought much more than dental training to our young staff. At CWF they are no longer vulnerable, the environment is favourable to their personal development and education and  CWF is their first employer. Since the establishment of our first residential clinic in Phnom Penh, we have trained 13 vulnerable women  as dental therapists, nurses or clinic managers.  All are enrolled in college level programs sponsored by CWF (Our Team).

Our Missions

According to the United Nations, up to 1 million children are currently under the care of institutions,  charities and foster homes in Cambodia, with many more abandoned on the street and suffering from extreme poverty, malnutrition, poor parenting, dismantled or failed family structures.
Part of the childrens'  suffering is dental (infection, pain, fever, poor appetite) which, in the absence of treatment,  shining. 
At Cambodia World Family ("CWF"), we believe that by providing quality dental treatment in a cocoon of care, we relieve some distress in the children's life and return them some dignity and self-respect. Our local staff, together with our volunteer dentists form a platform for dental treatment as well as nutritional and citizenship education.

The challenge is unlimited and we aim to provide dental care to more of these children every year.


Free dental care for children

The 4 dental chairs of our modern, clean and well-equipped clinic in the city center of Phnom Penh are staffed by our Khmer dental therapists, nurses and the volunteers. There will always be at least one dentist supervising during the opening hours. We see 50 children each morning and do the usual range of pedodontics including surgery, endodontics and preventative care.  

About a personal journey with CWF…

My name's soeurn sokny I were born in the border of Khmer Thai in 1986. My parent got four daugther. I have three sister. My dad was a soldier he was die when the war from Khmer to Thai. My mum was a seller after my dad was die she was working to hard to sponsor our family.
She was die when I was 4 year old, cos she got very sick.we are very upset and got very bad life after my parent die and big sister have too look after the young sister she also sell the cake to get money to support the family, but we are lucky after a hard three month. We have one organization call
Krousar Thmey they have project to help the poor children and the children have no parent by Mr.Burno from France in1990 in Choum Rom Side Two the border of Khmer Thai, also Mr. Ouk Sinath the big boss in Cambodia. He came to asked all information in my family, so he took us to stayed
in the center. We are very lucky that have better life in the center we have food, dress, education...many thing not like in our family. In 1991 we moved our center to Takmao Town from border Khmer Thai. They made the center much easy than another more comfortable easy for us for security, education...we can learn many thing much better
than the children stay in the family. When I was grade 12 my final year in hight school in 2008 I was dreaming after finish and pass exam I want to continue study at university. I met Dr. Robert He came to visited us in the center, cos he got Sophal his got daugther. We was performance traditional khmer dance to welcome him, so I'm not so good english just try to conversation with him. He asked me what grade
do you study? I said grade 12.What you want to study after finish? I said want to study at Uni and he said to my director in the center he will sponsor me to study at uni. I was sucessful my examination. I moved to Cambodia World Family by Dr. Robert. It is not like my center, cos
I'm more growing up and I can do anything by my self. I'm happy to change my life in CWF, cos I knew alot of experince in community, work, life, study, family and love. Especaily I can work in the dentistry like I never do that job before I starting to love it and very happy to working with the children and I knew alot of friends from another country. I can practice my English that is a good thing in my life I never had CWF they are done very great job. Now I'm very happy to have all that in my life. I love my job, my study,
my friends thanks you so much for Krousar Thmey and
Cambodia World Family specailly Dr. Robert that always support me also all Cambodia Kids to make us happy and smile if we don't have you our life
it be will not better. 

Cambodia World Family

Our mission is to provide free dental care to every child in need. We believe a bright, healthy smile is something that benefits both the wearer and the community at large.

In 2017, CWF provided free dental care to about 12,000 orphaned, abandoned, handicapped and institutionalised children of Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. 

Over recent years, CWF has focused on providing dental care to handicapped and HIV+ children. We are treating these children with the same level of care, quality and enthusiasm as our other patients.