Our Team
The resident team is the backbone of Cambodia World Family operations. We are very proud of their involvement, the quality of their work and how far they progressed in their personal life. We came across each of our local dental therapists and nurses amongst the teenagers of the many institutions visited by CWF and offer them dental training and college education. They are the only staff in CWF to receive a modest compensation.

Volunteers will always be welcomed to help, teach and inspire our local team.


Studying Dental Therapy at International University


Dental Nurse.

Speech and hearing impaired.

The TANOP Crew


Srey Poch


Sopheak Son,

CWF Director

Our new trainees from Battambang

Cambodia World Family

Dr Boran, 

Graduate of the International University in Phnom Penh.

Five year experience dealing  with NGO Dentistry.