All the children are very well behaved and a delight to work with.

You will always be thanked with a  bow and a huge Cambodian smile.

The children that live in Institutions have great teeth and our preventative programmes work quite well.  The children that are brought in from the slums or the streets can be in terrible shape and we are challenged: often needing many extractions.
You will see a  mix.

Cambodia World Family

 In general, we see only children and teens from organisations that care for or educate children living in poverty, that are handicapped or ill, or without parents

We deal with about 100 organisations that ebb & flow with the changes in Cambodia and of course, donor funding.

There are many models for looking after these children:

 the all-inclusive orphanage style, 

small Khmer run schools,

community based support programmes,

& large Christian based  school systems. 

There are different views on what they are trying to achieve, how to achieve this, the emotional health of the children and the requirements of the Cambodian government.

As dentists, we are lucky: we can just fix the bad teeth!